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My Story

My Scentsy Story...

I first fell in love with Scentsy after my first Scentsy warmer purchase (The Cupcake) and Scentsy Buddy (Stella the Unicorn - My daughters name is Stella). I really loved how safe my Scentsy warmer was, with a one year old learning to walk and climb I hated the thought of Stella accidently burning herself with a candle warmer. The love didn't stop there, after smelling my all time favourite scent Bora Bora, I had to host a party and try more scents, after receiving host rewards (half price items & free products) I loved Scentsy and I couldn't get enough!!!

Through out the next year I purchased from friends parties - I absolutly loved the compliments when friends and family walked into my house and could smell the amazing scents from Scentsy.

A year later and empty Scentsy wax packets :-(, my mum come across a wonderful ladies Facebook page and added me. After a couple of days looking up new Scentsy wax scents and trying to choose which Scents to buy (without breaking the bank) I seen a post for joining... it was only $139 (on par with what I was going to spend) after contacting my now sponsor I had a better understanding of what I would receive in the starter kit, and even better I didn't have to sell anything... so I joined as a Kitnapper, I received 80+ usable Scentsy wax samples, a warmer, dryer disks, scent pak, washer whiffs, hand cream, car bar and everything I need to start up my Scentsy business. 

With no push to sell or start a Scentsy business, I was still added to my sponsor's team Facebook page, (just incase I changed my mind....) a few days had passed and I had been reading a few posts on the team page, I decided to look into my box of goodies and pulled out all the information on becoming a Scentsy Consultant and starting a business... In this pack I come across an offer that was just too good to refuse.... FREE SCENTSY!!!! It's called the Shooting Star kit!!! As a big lover of Scentsy, I just couldn't pass on this offer... what did I have to lose??

I decided to create a Facebook Scentsy party, with friends and family all over Australia and couldn't believe it when in the first hour I had received an order!!! To my delight I received enough orders to be eligible for the Shooting Star kit - in just 1 week!!! Obviously I was soooo excited, I had received such great support from my sponsor and team and really felt not just welcomed as another Scentsy Consultant but welcomed into the Scentsy Family!!!

My Scentsy journey took a different turn to what I initially joined up for (A Kitnapper) and I couldn't be more happier that it didn't stop at a Kitnapper, it has given me so much to look forward to... (It's like Christmas everytime an order arrives!)

4 years on I continue to fall in love with all over again everytime Scentsy releases a new catalogue, during my free time away from my full time job I share my love of Scentsy through my Facebook page and my famous BINGO featuring Scentsy nights, and don't feel like I have worked a minute extra... Doing what you love is the best feeling ever!! 

To book your BINGO featuring Scentsy night, contact me today!

Much love Kayla & Stella x